Roots in India traces its roots all the way back to 1775 when Shakespeare’s play were performed by Indians for the entertainment of traders in Calcutta.
Colleges and Universities began to spread the influence of Shakespeare. The Hindu College in Calcutta had a “systematic study of English Literature”(Trivedi 15). “Both performance and literary aspects were included”(Trivedi 15) and there was a major focus on oral memorization and “declamation schools”(Trivedi 15) regarding Shakespeare.

I think that these early teaching methods fostered a deep appreciation and love of the study of Shakespeare and popularized the plays in India. The influence of the British empire and the focus on the English language also helped contribute to India’s adoption of Shakespeare.


Hamlet In India

The great Shakespeare play Hamlet has seen many adaptations in India culture. There are many examples of stage productions and movies made about the play, and in this blog I plan on exploring and describing the various different plays and movies. I plan on writing down a few thoughts on the movies and also exploring articles that deal with the various adaptations.